Jérémie Astori

About me

I am a junior software developer, working for the W3C, graduate of the UTC, a French engineering school.

I love climbing, taking pictures, cooking, traveling and playing drums.

What I do

I love web programming.
I love Python and Ruby.
My first love was PHP.

I love User Interface.
I love HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.
I also love Qt.

I love testing things.
Actually, I love testing before coding.
That’s right, I love TDD.

I loved virtual reality, game development, 3D programming and modeling.

I love open source.
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I plan to love open source even more.

I'd love to work with you.
I am eager to learn new things and to share the things I know.
Have a look at my CV or check out my LinkedIn account.

Get in touch

I love to say things.
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I love to read things.
Drop me a few lines at jeremie@astori.fr.

I also love to meet awesome people, at meetups or hackathons for instance.
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