Jérémie Astori

About me

I am a software engineer, full-stack web developer working for CloudHealth by VMware, previously working at W3C and graduate of the UTC in France.

I enjoy coding, climbing, taking pictures, cooking, traveling, and many other things.

What I do

I love the web for how it has changed our lives. I am very excited about its future, which is why keeping an eye on web standards, developing web applications, using web technologies, are passions of mine and what I do for a living.

I enjoy functional programming with Scala, work with React and TypeScript, and I have past experience in Ruby, Python, and PHP. I have strong skills in HTML and CSS with standards-compliance.
I also strongly believe in testing when it comes to building high quality software.

I used to work in virtual reality, 3D software programming and modeling while spending some free time on 2D game development. I was coding in C++ and using Qt.

I contribute to free and open source projects such as The Lounge, Chai, Ansible, and others, by writing code or helping the community. At W3C, I introduced, developed, and open sourced Echidna, a tool that automates publishing web standards.

I manage a couple of ARM-based servers running Debian for various purposes. They are provisioned using Ansible.

Want to know more about me? Here are a couple things you could check out:

My resume My projects on GitHub

Get in touch

I am always on the lookout for opportunities, learning new things or meeting people.
I help organizing Boston Area Scala Enthusiasts meetups, and you can often see me at other meetups.

For direct contact, email me at jeremie@astori.fr.
You can also follow me on Twitter.