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Jérémie Astori
Senior software engineer – Lead UI developer
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Seasoned Tech Lead with an expertise in modern frontend technologies. I craft innovative and accessible solutions across diverse tech landscapes. I have an active presence in free and open source projects such as The Lounge or chai-immutable where I get to apply my passion of code outside business requirements.

I have lived, worked, and led teams in multiple countries in on-site, remote, and hybrid setups. I bring a rich blend of technical expertise and adaptability to every challenge. I enjoy working in global, multicultural, and inclusive environments. I have given a few public talks at tech conferences, and hosted coding nights at local meetups.

When away from my code editor, I'm a climber, skier, cyclist, volleyball player, photographer, and drone pilot, finding joy and inspiration in the world's natural beauty.

Work experience

– Present

Senior software engineer & tech lead

CloudHealth by VMware (Boston, MA, hybrid)

For the past few years, I have led the UI team, and spearheaded the design and development of our newer core UI platform, exclusively relying on industry standards such as React, TypeScript, GraphQL, and CSS Modules. The platform was built with a focus on ease of use and stability through automated type checking, testing, linting, formatting, and deployment. Over time, this "next generation" platform has become the organization's standard, adopted by over a dozen development teams and powering 50+ projects. I lead a high-performing team of engineers focused on collaboration and innovation, building scalable interfaces aligned with business goals.

Prior to focusing exclusively on the UI, I was a full-stack engineer building our legacy platform using Ruby on Rails, often leading large-scale projects such as major organization-wide upgrades.

  • React
  • TypeScript
  • GraphQL
  • CSS Modules
  • Ruby on Rails


W3C / MIT (Cambridge, MA)

I was in charge of publishing all new and updated W3C specifications, an extensive and repetitive process requiring numerous checks and validations followed by the publication step itself. I ultimately automated the entire publication system using an asynchronous API built with Node.js. The result was a process much simpler to use and less prone to errors, so much so that the organization then allowed for continuous publications of specifications, and removed the need for director approval, freeing valuable time for the heads of the organization.

As part of the systems team, I also supported the development and maintenance of new and existing systems, and actively participated in an automated testing initiative for the entire production infrastructure.

  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • Symfony
  • System administration
  • Testing

Software engineer in virtual reality

Reviatech (France)

I developed a library of custom UI components with Qt, extensively utilized across various projects and platforms. Additionally, I built high fidelity 3D models of complex machinery equipments along with a 3D training simulator for chemical plant safety. I also added realistic and real-time parametric lighting and shadow casting to our existing products. I researched tracking systems, and created a VR calibration tool using Microsoft Kinect as a result. Finally, I wrote internal and external documentations and maintained the company's website.

  • C++
  • Qt
  • JavaScript
  • 3D Studio Max
  • VRPN
  • OpenSceneGraph
  • OGRE
  • Git


Master's degree in computer sciences

Université de Technologie de Compiègne (France)

2 years of fundamental studies (including scientific and technical fields, social sciences, and management) followed by 3 years of major studies in software engineering


React, Apollo, Relay, Express.js, Ruby on Rails, WebSockets, Node.js, jQuery, Bootstrap

TypeScript, JavaScript, GraphQL, HTML, CSS, Ruby, SQL, Scala, Python, PHP

UX/UI, design systems, accessibility, Storybook, Clarity, Material UI, Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma, Highcharts, AG Grid

Testing (Jest, React Testing Libray, Chai), linting (ESLint, Prettier, Stylelint), CI/CD (Jenkins, GitHub, Netlify)

Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite), cloud services (AWS), server management (Nginx, Apache, Ansible)



Bilingual proficiency


Native language



Clarity is VMware's accessible, customizable, and open source design system built with web components. I contributed to the project as an external developer with bug fixes, new components, and documentations, working with the Clarity design and development teams to make sure I followed their vision.

The Lounge

The Lounge is a free and open source, web-based IRC client. It provides users with a modern and intuitive interface, and supports rich features such as theming, push notifications, file uploads, multi-user accounts and, more importantly, removes the need for a bouncer as it keeps users connected to their IRC servers at all times.

As one of the founding maintainers and primary contributors, I worked on nearly every part of the project including feature building, bug fixing, documentations, and community management. It is, to this day, the most popular IRC client on GitHub.


Sorting and filtering in GraphQL

GraphQL Summit (San Francisco, CA)

During the GraphQL Summit organized by Apollo, I presented a talk focused on addressing the challenges of sorting and filtering inputs within GraphQL queries. I shared insights and reusable solutions to implement effective strategies suitable for a variety of use cases, in an attempt to come up with a standardized and flexible solution, leveraging existing GraphQL mechanisms such as input coercion.

GraphQL: From Zero to Scala

Northeast Scala Symposium (New York City, NY)

In this talk, I presented GraphQL at a high level, compared it with REST and addressed common challenges faced in REST API implementations, and demonstrated the seamless integration of Sangria (Scala's GraphQL implementation) with Akka HTTP to rapidly build efficient GraphQL APIs. The session concluded with live testing and execution of GraphQL queries using GraphiQL.