Jérémie Astori


This page gathers the very few talks I have given so far. Link to slides presented at that time are also listed.

Sorting and filtering in GraphQL

I gave this talk on at GraphQL Summit in San Francisco. Here are the slides.


GraphQL lets you select fields out of the box. Relay and Apollo introduce standard patterns for paginating results. There are however no obvious patterns for sorting and filtering results. Allow me to present a few reusable solutions.

GraphQL: From Zero to Scala

I gave this talk on at Northeast Scala Symposium held in NYC. Make sure to check out the slides as well as the demo project featured in the slides.


APIs are great! But what if your APIs were coming with a type system? What if your APIs were so predictable that versioning them was history? What if consumers of your APIs could get exactly what they want at every request? Let's discover GraphQL and its implementation in Scala: Sangria.
More details…

cryptic: Encryption and partitioning on Ubuntu

I gave 2 mini-presentations of cryptic:


cryptic is a script to very easily split root and home partitions when installing Ubuntu on a fully encrypted disk.